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Cooking Time: Digital Strategy with Metadata and Semantics

Digital Strategy with Metadata and Semantics

Why digital strategy with semantics? Because it does not make sense to write random text without connection to the connected data that the web provides.

So we managed to go from absolute zero to 4 million impressions in Google searches in a year.

How did we do it?

First of all we are looking for a subject that matters to everyone: food. So there comes another question that plagues us every day: how long does it take to cook the casserole?

The page has emerged as a way of showing with a user experience (UX) better than simply querying a table. For this, a simplified iconography was created to help the visitor understand the data.

The style for the layout was to follow Flat Desig and some Google Material Design guidelines.

For information we follow the rule of marking with metadata as much data as possible. And also take into account the relevance of the data to communication. An example was putting the nutritional data table on each page.

No sponsored content was used to boost pages.

In the first two months our faith in semantics was shaken by a near zero result. But something mysterious that only Google knows happened soon after. An exponential growth in searches has begun and has not stopped.

This indicates that content that is practically static but with good organization and some public appeal can achieve good search results without much effort.

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