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Fi Education Experience: Digital High School for UNOi Education

Between 2014 and 2018, Soyuz developed the FI Education Experience: Digital High School of UNOi Educacional, Grupo Santillana.

The project consisted of 4 steps:

  1. Experience development (UX) and interface;
  2. Development of production methodology
  3. Development of production tools;
  4. Production of objects, review and continuous improvement.

In the first stage, the Soyuz team along with the UNOi Educação digital team sought ways to create an educational experience of excellence for the student based on research on ways to use digital tools for adolescents. The focus was a great educational experience for mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

Next, ways were sought to transform the content created by the UNOi editorial team into multimedia tools, bringing together text, image, audio, video and other dynamic educational objects.

Thus, a system was developed in which the designers produced the content on the platform where they felt most comfortable, Adobe InDesign, and then this content – along with the digital objects and multimedia files – was sent to the production team of the Soyuz, which encoded in Web technologies the digital modules of each discipline.

In total, there were 240 multimedia modules for all high school subjects, totaling the equivalent of 50 thousand printed pages.

Throughout the process about 20 people from both teams were involved in the process.

Most notable is that despite the huge volume of content and production involved, no deadline has been lost thanks to the agile methodologies applied to project management.