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Ponto Magazine Website – SESI-SP Publishing Company

Revista Ponto Impressa

Challenge: Turn the printed magazine’s visual identity into a digital experience for magazine website.

Execution time: 90 days.



Developing Ponto Magazine Website

The Soyuz team organized a semantic classify of the magazine’s contents. Then we normalized therms by colors following a palette similar to the printed magazine.

Interna da Revista PontoBut it was importante that the visual identity of the site also sought to match the design pattern used in the the physical edition.

Indeed Soyuz was also responsible for including the contents of the first 12 editions. As a result we ensured that even the older editions corresponded to the digital design standard.

It was also essential that readers could have access to content in an offline version. So we included download buttons in the articles for e-pub format or turn it available on the Kindle platform.

Ponto Magazine Website