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Blog Retrofitting – Successful Confectioner Website


Blog Retrofitting: revamping the design and semantic structure of the blog keeping the same data, content and links.

Deadline: 60 days

Why a Blog Retrofitting?

The Successful Confectioner blog is one of the most successful sites on the topic. Therefore it has thousands of accesses daily and is accompanied by more than 800 thousand followers on Facebook.

In effect to improve the experience of the visitors Successful Confectioner looked for Soyuz with a clear objective: it leaves the theme of the blog more “cute”.

So we apply a digital retrofitting technique: leveraging data and architecture of already existing friendly links. Then we update the semantics and visual identity. But the menus have gained icons and micro-interactions with animation. So to divide the posts we put, then, delicate graphics to the taste of the readers of the blog.

We also fine tune the overall performance of the site. The result was increased time visiting on website and also a better result in organic searches.

Modernização do Blog Confeiteira de Sucesso