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Virtual Store for DCL Publishing Company

How to classify the catalog of books efficiently? How to develop a great experience for the DCL Virtual Store?

Soyuz has taken up the challenge of classifying and digitally organizing the more than 800 books. So before we even wrote a line of code, we created a method to make it easier to import data from the works.

In order to import the data transparently, we created a spreadsheet. So this document corresponded to the semantic classification and commercial data and each book.

To carry out the project we choose  WooCommerce.  To clarify,  WooCommerce is e-commerce module of WordPress.

Why run a virtual store for publisher on WordPress?

The WordPress platform is a great aggregator of semantic objects. This means that it is very simple to sort and interconnect products through keywords and categories.

In addition, you can have full control over SEO results by customizing the appearance of the content on the search pages.


DCL Virtual Store